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Here you will find all information you need during your pregnancy and after. Browse through the timeline to read all information step by step.

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-4 weeks

Becoming pregnant

Are you planning to get pregnant? It is important to consider your lifestyle before the pregnancy.

0-8 weeks


About nutrition, sports and health

0-8 weeks


New Pregnancy At the beginning of your pregnancy you will probably have lots of questions. Read here what to expect and things to look out for.

8-12 weeks

First appointment

What to expect from us at the practice? How can you prepare?

8-14 weeks

NIPT and 13 week ultrasound

Information about testing for abnormalities in your baby

14-20 weeks

Pregnant and work

About pregnancy and work

13-20 weeks

Baby beats drop in

When you want to check on your baby’s heartbeat in between check ups.

19-20 weeks

SEO Ultrasound

What happens at the 20 week ultrasound?

20-24 weeks

Courses and information

You can find more information here about classes during the pregnancy.

28-30 weeks

Growth of the baby

How does the baby grow during the pregnancy?

35-36 weeks


Around 35 weeks of the pregnancy we will check on the baby’s position and discuss the birth with you.

37-42 weeks

Waiting for the baby

The last few weeks before the birth, what to expect.

37-42 weeks


You can find all information about the birth here.

+1 week

Maternity Period

It is very important that you prepare well for the maternity period.

Breast and bottle feeding

Choose what suits you best

+ 9 months

Post natal body