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20-24 weeks

Antenatal classes can be a pleasant addition to your regular checkups. These are optional, and certainly not essential for a successful birth.  But the class can help to prepare you better. They provide information about what to expect and handy tips in coping with contractions. It is also an opportunity to meet other people who are at the same stage as you and to share experiences with them.  Different people, different expectations; so think about what you want from a pregnancy class and try to find a class that suits you. Consider if it is something you and your partner would like to do together. Many classes organise 1 or 2 separate sessions where partners are also welcome. Some classes are always meant to be attended together. So that you can make an informed decision, we have listed some tips below to help you find a suitable class and also a number of classes we personally recommend. Have you attended a fun and useful class? Please share this with us! We may add this to our list.

Please note:
If you have chosen to breastfeed we recommend attending breastfeeding classes with your partner.  We have listed below which classes we personally recommend.  You may find it helpful to read leaflets/books about breastfeeding and watch relevant videos on YouTube.


Please find a list of available classes In Utrecht at Utrecht on Zwanger and for English courses, chekc our website.

Recommended Classes

Yoga makes you aware of all the changes happening in your body and keeps you fit. You will learn to relax and receive useful tips to help you cope with contractions. One we recommend is iYoga.

A class suitable for you and your partner. This class teaches you to have confidence in the birth and your body. Hypnobirthing makes uses of visualisations, self hypnosis and special breathing techniques. Find more information at Mucha Mama or SubSense.

Practical class
Complete courses in English, face to face and online at Childbirth Class Gale
Level headed and complete preparation for the birth at the Zwangere Zaak

Preparing for parenthood
Practical tips and tools in 11 10-minute videos can be found in this free online course 'OudersInc'
Note: this course is in Dutch and becomes free once you enter your postcode.

For fathers
David Borman (male midwife) hosts two evenings where he provides a lot of practical information for fathers to be. As a father you will learn what kind of role you can have during the birth.
Get Busy for Fathers To Be


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