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First appointment

8-12 weeks


During the first trimester of your pregnancy (the first 12 weeks) you will have several appointments at our practice.

Between 7-8 weeks you can choose to have an early ultrasound to check on the baby’s heartbeat. This ultrasound is optional but it’s always good to have peace of mind. Our assistant can book this appointment for you. It would be a good idea to bring your partner to this ultrasound appointment. Sometimes this ultrasound is payable. Our assistant can tell you if you need to pay or are able to claim from your insurance. There is a chance we need to perform this ultrasound internally. This means the sonographer or midwife will insert an ultrasound probe into the vagina. This should not be painful.

You will also have an intake with a midwife. It can be beneficial to bring your partner to this appointment. The midwife shall discuss your (medical) history with you both and provide information. You will also be able to ask questions.  During this appointment, if you wish, the midwife will also discuss prenatal screening. Find more information on this site.

Between 10-11 weeks you will have a dating ultrasound. This ultrasound determines your due date, this date will not change. The cost of the dating ultrasound can be claimed from your insurance.

Appointments listed above can be merged upon request, but are subject to availability. Our assistant will discuss options with you over the phone.

You can choose to take home the images of your baby on a USB stick. At the practice we sell these USB-sticks for € 5 each. If you would like to do this, please bring € 5 exact and in cash. 

Book appointment with midwife

As soon as you know you are pregnant, please register on our website. Our assistant will contact you to book your first appointments.


Before your intake appointment with the midwife it is important that you complete our questionnaire. The answers from these questionnaire will help you to prepare and give us a clear idea of your health and that of your partner. Please complete the questionnaire a.s.a.p. but no later than two weeks before your intake appointment.

And finally it is important that both of you prepare for discussing prenatal screening with the midwife during your counselling appointment. This means choosing the NIPT 13 week ultrasound and/or the 20 week ultrasound.  You can find more information under header ‘prenatal screening’. It is also helpful to read information about secondary findings in this leaflet.

During your pregnancy you will be given the choice to have your baby tested for birth defects. Such as Spina Bifida, heart abnormalities or Down’s-, Edward’s and Patau’s syndrome. These tests are also known as prenatal screening. If you would like to know more about this, we will discuss this with you at the intake. It is important to prepare well for this discussion. Please note: (if you have a partner) this research should be done by both of you. If you DO NOT want to know more about prenatal screening, then of course you do not need to read this information. You can choose NOT to know or receive any information about this. The midwife will then not discuss prenatal screening with you during your appointment.

Bring with you

Do not forget to bring your ID and proof of insurance (only needed if not insured in the Netherlands)

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