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35-36 weeks

Around 35 weeks of pregnancy we will schedule a longer appointment to discuss your birthwishes. Around this time we will also schedule an ultrasound to see if the baby’s head is positioned downwards. In addition we will take some measurements. A sonographer at the practice will perform your ultrasound, or sometimes we may refer you to an ultrasound centre.

How to explain your birthwishes?

Within birthwishes you can explain your wishes regarding the birth. It is meant for you, your partner, your midwife or any other care provider.  The birthwishes show what is important to you.  Whoever assists you during the birth will keep to this plan as much as possible.

Birthwishes are a brief document which you can complete by hand or on the computer.  The length varies between a few lines and a maximum of two A4’s.  It is important that care providers can read this quickly.

Why write down your birthwishes?

  • You are already thinking about the birth, this will help you to prepare well.
  • You are telling the midwife and other care providers what is important to you, your ideas and wishes and how you want people to interact with you.
  • You and your partner can discuss the birth and your expectations together.
  • Your birthwishes will keep you connected to what happens during the birth and the decisions which will need making. Even during times you may not be able to communicate your wishes clearly.

What is in a birth plan?

  • Where you want to give birth
  • Who can be there during the birth
  • Which birthing position you prefer
  • Do you want any pain relief, if yes, which kind
  • Do you want to hold the baby yourself
  • Who can cut the cord for you
  • Will you be breastfeeding

Discuss your birthwishes

Below you will find a word-file that you can use. We will also email this to you when you are around 30 weeks pregnant. Before you fill this out, read our document ‘Giving birth at Breedstraat practice – what to expect’. You can also find this below.

If you fill in your birth wishes, please email it to us, you can send it to this e-mail address: We can then add it to your file.

Around 35-36 weeks, an appointment will be scheduled with you to discuss this document and the delivery. Our advice is to print out your birth wishes and bring them to your delivery.

Why the plan is not 100% guaranteed

  • You can change your mind at any time
  • The birth does not go as expected
  • The midwife might need to refer you for hospital care
  • A surgical procedure might be needed
  • The baby needs admitting to the hospital maternity ward



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