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SEO Ultrasound

19-20 weeks

The 20 week ultrasound
The twenty week ultrasound is a comprehensive medical ultrasound where it is assessed if the baby has any birth defects or not (as much as the scan can reveal). Among other things, development of the brains, heart, and other important organs are looked at. This ultrasound is optional.

At the 20 week ultrasound we also look at the soft markers linked to birth defects. Soft markers are a possible indication of a syndrome (e.g. Down syndrome). If these soft markers do present themselves it is not a guarantee that a birth defect is present. Additional research is required in some cases.

Please note: an ultrasound cannot detect everything. Some defects are undetectable by ultrasound and other abnormalities are simply hard to see. A good result does not guarantee a healthy baby.


The cost of this ultrasound can be claimed from your (basic) health insurance.


The 20 week ultrasound is done at Verloskundig Centrum Focus. You can schedule the appointment yourself between 19-20 weeks, you can do this online. Book this appointment a few weeks ahead for optimal availability. We recommend that you bring your partner to the ultrasound (if you are single, bring a trusted friend). Unfortunately we cannot allow you to bring children. Please do not take pictures or record videos during the ultrasound.

The midwife will arrange your referral to Focus.

Read the 20 week ultrasound leaflet carefully.


We will receive the 20 week ultrasound results automatically. If anything unusual has been detected, we will contact you immediately. We may request that the ultrasound is repeated because results are unclear, or test your blood for diabetes at a later stage in the pregnancy. This would never concern a serious find but is most likely about a measurement that is above or below average.  


Prenatal screening is a personal choice and can have serious consequences. You should both think carefully about what you would choose to do next if a positive result is received. We will discuss this further with you during the counselling appointment. It is important that you are able to make an informed decision. 

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