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NIPT and 13 week ultrasound

8-14 weeks

Prenatal screening
Under the previous header on the timeline (First Appointment) you will have read some information on how to prepare for your intake with the midwife and discuss prenatal screening. Click here to go back to this information.

You can have your unborn child tested for a number of abnormalities. These tests are known as prenatal screening.

There are three different ways of prenatal screening: testing for Down-, Edwards- and Patau’s syndrome, the 13 week ultrasound and the 20 week ultrasound. These screening tests are optional, it is your decision to have these done or not. There is a separate header in the timeline about the 20 week ultrasound. Click here for this information.

Testing for Down-, Edwards-, and Patau’s syndrome

As a pregnant woman in the Netherlands you have the option of having your baby tested for the likelihood of Down-, Edwards- of Patau’s syndrome. This screening is done with the NIPT. This test takes place done between 11-14 weeks of pregnancy. If you are interested, more information can be requested during your appointments at the practice.

For more information about screening, see here and here. Complete (if possible) the questionnaire (Dutch) on this website. Also please read information about secondary findings in this leaflet

The cost of this test is fully covered by your standard health insurance.

13 week ultrasound

The 13 week ultrasound is a medical examination that can be performed by a sonographer if you are between 12 weeks and 3 days and 14 weeks and 3 days pregnant. With the 13 week ultrasound you can have an early examination in the pregnancy to see whether your child has serious physical abnormalities. During a 13-week ultrasound, the sonographer looks at the skull, heart, abdomen, arms and legs, the spine, the nuchal fold and the placenta, among other things. The sonographer also checks whether the amniotic fluid is normal.

There are no costs for the 13 week ultrasound. Click here for more information about the 13 week ultrasound (at the moment only in dutch). Here the 13 week ultrasound is discussed in more detail and the difference with the 20 weeks is also explained.

The 13 week ultrasound is done at Verloskundig Centrum Focus. You can schedule the appointment yourself between 12+3 and 14+3 weeks, you can do this online. Book this appointment a few weeks ahead for optimal availability. We recommend that you bring your partner to the ultrasound (if you are single, bring a trusted friend). Unfortunately we cannot allow you to bring children. Please do not take pictures or record videos during the ultrasound.

The midwife will arrange your referral to Focus.

We will receive the 13 week ultrasound results automatically. If anything unusual has been detected, we will contact you immediately.  

Please note: an ultrasound cannot detect everything. Some defects are undetectable by ultrasound and other abnormalities are simply hard to see. A good result does not guarantee a healthy baby.

Locations NIPT

Locations for NIPT blood tests are:

  • Saltro Location Werradreef, Werradreef 2, 3562 CW Utrecht:

Mon to Fri 7:00 – 18:00

  • Saltro Location Bosboomstraat/Gezondheidshuis, Bosboomstraat 1G, Utrecht:

Mon to Fri 7:00 – 17:00

An appointment is not necessary, simply arrive at reception and take a number. Please bring your NIPT application formand the lab form provided by your midwife.

Results NIPT

NIPT results take (approx.) 10 weekdays and we will receive those automatically. If everything is fine, we will email you. But when an abnormality has been detected, you will receive a phone call from either the practice or the hospital clinical genetics department. You will be offered an appointment at the hospital as soon as possible to receive further information and discuss options.

Please note, due to the change in the NIPT as of April 1st, the result in April may be later than the 10 days mentioned earlier. 


Prenatal screening is a personal choice and can have serious consequences. You should both think carefully about what you would choose to do next if a positive result is received. We will discuss this further with you during the counselling appointment. It is important that you are able to make an informed decision.  

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